Extended Stay Hotel in Kenya that Guarantees you Comfort and Luxury

If you are looking for an extended stay hotel in Kenya, then you are at the right place. At Heriheights.com we have a wide range of extended stay hotel suits for you to choose from. Our hotels are designed to offer you luxury comfort that makes every guest feel at home. Every hotel is situated in a convenient location within Nairobi. You can easily access them from the Nairobi central business district.

All hotels are serviced to meet the needs of every guest. With us, you will find a hotel with any number of bedrooms that you want whether three or two bedrooms. They are designed to accommodate individuals, families and groups. Perhaps, you may be planning to come to Kenya on a business trip or even leisure travel and you are looking for a place to call a home in the days that you will stay here. Then you need to book a reservation with us.

Our extended stay hotel will offer you comfortable accommodation that you need to enjoy every minute that you stay in Nairobi. They are fully furnished with modern and luxurious furniture. It will take you 30 minutes or even less to get to your hotel from Nairobi city center. Be confident that booking for reservation in our hotel is the best decision you can make while visiting Kenya.

You can book for reservation in our extended stay hotel in Nairobi if you will be staying in Kenya for a month or even more. Whether you need a holiday apartment or a corporate and fully serviced apartment in Kenya, we have the best option for you. Our accommodation is designed to fit all your needs with a state-of-the-art studio. Our apartments range from one to three bedrooms. They are tastefully furnished and bedroom, kitchen and the living spaces are spacious.

While staying in our extended stay hotel in Kenya you will enjoy a wide range of services and facilities that will ensure your pleasure and comfort. These include a restaurant, a bar, gym and swimming pool among others. You will be able to access major banks, shopping malls, cinema halls, entertainment joints and other major attractions.

While planning for your travel to Kenya, make sure that you have booked a reservation in our extended stay hotel. We guarantee you that you will get the best experience and value of your money once you choose to stay in our extended stay hotel in Nairobi.


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