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Staycation by Mwendwa Kirimi

Last weekend my friends and I decided to do a little girls’ night in since we don’t see each other as often as we’d like, given our busy schedules.

We planned for a crazy girl’s night of playing board games like Kumiliki, Drunken Jenga and heads up, drinking ourselves into a stupor and laughing till our lungs gave in… But…

We decided to have our girls night at Heri Heights Serviced Apartments and Hotel. We got there at 1858 hrs and checked into our apartment, we were all very excited and couldn’t wait for the night ahead. We got to the apartment which was a very beautiful modern apartment, very aesthetically pleasing I must add, I immediately knew that I’m going to turn this girl’s trip to a photoshoot, you can tell by all the photos that is exactly what happened. Lol! My friends have somewhat gotten used to it.

We got ready for dinner and headed to the restaurant, it was very homey and the staff was very kind and welcoming. We had dinner, drunk wine, which wasn’t a very good idea because wine is just a recipe for sleep, at least for me.

After that, we went back to our apartment still psyched about the night ahead. I went had a hot bath and by the time I was done and settled the turn-up team had already started falling asleep. Very unfortunate!

I was also exhausted and sleepy, but I was actually ready to suck it up and have a night of drunken games and make memories. Lol! Old age man, it’s no joke. Imagine by 2200 hrs everyone was out.

How are we 60 years old at 25?

We all needed the rest anyway. And we made up for lost time the next day.

After our mini staycation, I was ready to take on the week inspired and motivated. It’s amazing what a little vacation can do to you.

Stay inspired!

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